Coconut Water – Various Health Benefits Of The Same!

Coconut water is present in form of liquid in a green immature coconut. It is juice of young coconut. This water is famous all around the world because of its refreshing properties along with health benefiting and nutritious properties. This grows in abundance along the coasts and in tropical environments. Tender coconut have high source of chlorides, magnesium, potassium and electrolytes with small amount of sodium, protein and sugar. It consists of potassium that benefits heart function ad blood pressure. Coconut water also has calcium, magnesium, dietary fiber, vitamin C and riboflavin. In mature coconut, endosperm thickens and solidifies to make an edible white kernel. Coconut milk is also obtained by grinding and grating kernel with water and this is very high in calories. Though coconut water has high fat content and should not be confused with coconut water.

Health Benefits

Coconut water is rich in electrolytes, minerals, sugar and is very refreshing. It is also available in natural form in sterile conditions. It is one drink where electrolyte level is same to those present in human body. It also contains cytokines which have strong anti aging and anti thrombotic effects. Fresh green coconut contains water which has zero cholesterol and fat free. Once a coconut is open, one should drink its water as if it is exposed to air that can result loss in nutrients. It is rich in vitamins and low in fat. Its potassium level is double the amount present in banana.

Weight Loss

It is low in fat so it helps in weight loss. It minimizes food cravings and keeps person feeling full. It is storehouse of important B complex vitamins, nutrients, folates and pyridoxine. It has anti bacterial and anti viral properties and helps person in herpes or flu which are because of viral infections.

Helps During Pregnancy

Coconut water proves very useful during pregnancy as it helps in heartburn, slow digestion and constipation. It also boosts immune system in body.

Good For Skin

When coconut water is applied on affected skin like wrinkles, skin, cellulite, stretch marks and eczema, this gets you many benefits. If left for whole night for two to three weeks then it clears the skin and gives smooth and youthful skin. For repairing and smoothening properties it can be applied to nails and hands.

Helps In Kidney Diseases

Tender coconut water proves useful for a person suffering from kidney stones due to its potassium, magnesium and minerals content. It also increases production and flow of urine. It is very useful in reducing the size of kidney stones and can even eliminate them.

Benefits Of Cycling – Let Us Know About Them!

Here below are some of the best benefits of cycling that you should know to experience an active and healthy lifestyle daily. 

  • Best Way To Get Fit – If you don’t have time to join gym for obtaining physical fitness then the best and the most inexpensive way of doing it go the cycling way. Yes, you heard it right. It is said that people who cycle daily are better and fitter than those who don’t. Further, they enjoy the same fitness level as the yen years old boys have. 
  • Melts Away Fat Easily – It is amazing to know that the people who prefer to cycle daily not only get the opportunity to burn fat during a ride but even afterwards the process of burning calories continues for the few hours. 
  • Your Boss Will Love You – According to the scientific study, it is revealed that the people who paddle daily are physically fit and active. This helps them complete their target before time. Ultimately, they become boss’s favorite. 
  • Affordable Way To Lose Fat Faster – It is not easy for all to pay heavy fees to join gym membership. Moreover, your corporate style of working also doesn’t allow you to indulge in anything else as you work round the clock. So, it is easy to buy a cycle to paddle daily that helps shed unwanted kilos stored around the belly. 
  • Best Exercise For Legs – As you are not an early riser, so don’t make it to morning walks. And as your hectic work schedule also doesn’t allow to do stretching of legs at home or in office lunch breaks as you are tired. So, if you purchase a cycle and make a point to ride it daily, this can prove a good exercise for your legs and also prevent them gain weight. 
  • Cycling Is Fun – From all means, cycling is a great fun. On Sundays and other weekends you can ask your family and friends to join you. Or else you all can have a small race to see who is really active amongst you to paddle fast and win the race. This will be indeed fun and great way to relax and rejoice. 
  • Show Your True Sportsmanship – Now, if you are really fit and good at cycling then this can boost you to participate in several cycling events or big marathons. And who knows that you may declare winner. 

In this way, you can indulge your interest in cycling and maximize your professional and personal benefits.

Six Ways To Get Gorgeous Hair While Sleeping!

In morning, getting up to luscious locks may sound simply like a dream but celebrity stylists emphasize that one can get gorgeous hair while sleeping. This is simple to get because what you do to your hair before bedtime will determine the state of hair in the morning. Treating your hair before sleeping will lead to smooth and silky hair. There are easy tricks that can be followed to save frustration and time.   

Steps To Follow During Night Time To Get Gorgeous Hair

  • Create Volume Overnight

In night after washing your hair, allow your hair to dry by air and leave until it is damp and after that take out even sections and make a pony tail. Sleep with it and after waking up remove that ponytail and you can find them looking amazing.

  • Promote Growth

In grandmother’s time, they used to brush their hair with every time before nighttime. There is no need to repeatedly brushing your hair as it may lead to hair breakage. Gently move your fingertips over your hair before going to the bed. This leads to blood flow to the scalp that leads to good growth patterns, dispersing natural and moisturizing oils.

  • Use Dry Shampoo

If your scalp is oily then consider using dry shampoo while washing hair the night before. Spray it about few inches away from root and allow the product to be there for around a minute before styling it into topknot. This will lead to instant volume on already created waves and soaks all excess oil and provide a clean and fresh start.

  • Beat Frizz

Apply small quantity of conditioner in an even manner on damp hair and mainly focusing on ends. Brush your hair with a wide toothcomb. Twist that into loose bun before going to sleep. In the morning when you wake up, release the bun and you will have hair that has frizz free shine and body.

  • Separate Your Hair And Then Comb

Do not use a dryer after washing your hair. Just wash your hair in the night and brush your hair with wider toothcomb to make it tangle free. Try to reduce heat on hair and this way you will have soft and silky hair in the morning.

  • Use Argan Oil

Apply Argan oil on your hair before going to bed and leave it for whole night. This oil also prevents from hair breakage and makes it silky and smooth.

How To Lead A Good Life?

It is very difficult for anyone to give a correct answer to how to lead a good life. It is so because everyone has a different aspect towards life and also different thinking towards it. But still I would say that there are common points that no one can ignore and their use can actually change your life for better.

  • Try To Be Kind Hearted 

By saying that try to be a kind-hearted person, I am not asking you not to question. By saying this, I only meant you must understand the problem first. If it can be sorted out between you and the other person then try to forget it and most importantly, forgive the person. Life is really short and carrying hatred for someone for longer time is really not a good idea and who knows that you may need him in the future.

  • Try To Be A Good Listener 

To get a better solution for your problem you must try to listen to the other person. You need to understand his perception that why he has taken such action or why he behaved that way before you pass on your judgement. You may be a good speaker but don’t expect that speaking would always favour you. It may make the situation complicated for you if you don’t listen.

  • Try To Meditate 

I understand that you are packed with daily schedule that doesn’t allow you to indulge in some physical activity. But you must meditate. By doing so you will not spend some time in solace but also get to know yourself better. This will also help get rid of negative energy from your body and breathe in fresh air. Nevertheless, this may change your outlook towards life and you begin to live positive life.

  • Try To Think Positive 

You must think positive always and leave negativity behind. Having negative approaching personal and professional life will hamper your alertness of mind and focus and ultimately ruin your existence. Nevertheless, if you continue to do so, the situation would become ugly for you and people you surround and finally you will be left alone.

  • Always Remember God 

You must remember that above all of us, there is one supernatural power whom we call almighty. Now that almighty is there to take good care of you and will help you get rid of the problem. You must remember him and pay him gratitude for all goodness he has offered you and also seek help to solve your issues soon.

How To Eliminate Darkness From Your Eyes?

We all want and truly love beautiful eyes. Right. But sometimes when we don’t get enough sleep or there is some ongoing worry then that results in deep dark eye circles. And regretfully, if this problem continuous to grow it becomes very hard to get rid of it. Here our main motive behind writing this article is not to demotivate you or criticize you rather top guide you that despite such situation you can still manage to have beautiful eyes   that are no more soothing tired or restless. Here we go…

  • Accept The Reality 

Being a human being, you must understand that problems are the part of life. It is good when you can tackle them and when you can’t that does not mean you give up totally. First, you need to accept it if you can’t do anything do about it. Secondly, if you can’t change anything then also there is no point you start banging your head against wall. Just chilled out and try to get sleep for about eight hours which is must.

  • Drink Lots Of Water 

You must figure out if you are drinking less water. It is so because water retention leads to  hard core dark circle appearance. So, you must begin having at least 8oz of water to keep your body hydrated.

  • Intake Of Vegetables And fruits Is Must 

If you think eating and overeating of fried or junk food will give you a healthy body then you are sadly mistaken. It is so because unhealthy food choice will destroy your colon leaving it all infected and in return destroys your digestive system completely. Then you may get into face troublesome irritable bowel system, constipation, gas, bloating, weight gain and finally sleepless nights. So, it is better to add more and more of fruits and vegetables in your diet and it is a healthy way to live happy and active lifestyle.

  • Eight Hours Of Sleep Is Must 

Remember whether the situation is in your favour or not but you must sleep for eight hours at least. This will make your morning fresh and energetic. Plus, you will be able to complete your task much early before time.

  • Morning Walk Is Must 

If you had eight hours of sleep last night and next day you begin your morning with 45 minutes of walking followed by your routine work. This will help keep your concentration level and focus in place and as you are tired for the whole day will automatically get you good sleep.

Ways To Cure Oily Skin – Check Out!

Every person has different type of skin and texture but then oily skin can always prove to be a challenge. It is generally seen that a larger pored skin leads to blemishes. There are few steps which you can follow at home and lessen skin oiliness, brightens a dull complexion and refines the pores.

Let’s Have A Look At Following Steps:

  • Use a gentle ph balanced foaming cleanser to cleanse the skin in the morning and in the night. Skin consists of a protective acidic mantle that you need to manage as bacteria tends to multiply in an acidic environment, generally soaps have high alkaline and strips the natural acidic mantle from the skin by leaving it unprotected to bacteria.
  • Avoid using facial scrub on the oily skin. Scrubs increases oil production. Instead of that start using products that contain BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acids) or AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and enzymes of milk, pineapple, pumpkin etc.
  • Use the cleanser with acetone or alcohol free. There are so drying that they send message to oil glands that it needs to increase oil production. Simply put few drops of a natural, clean cotton pad and swab it easily on the entire throat and face.
  • Apply a moisturizer that is oil free and light. Moisture and oil are two separate things and oil skin definitely needs moisture. Oily skin can be easily dehydrated from less quantity of water and is water based.
  • Apply BHA, AHA or enzyme mask twice in a week only or else large quantity can be stimulating that improves circulation and exchange of oxygen of the skin and lightens up the dull look by easily removing dead skin cells. This can also help to prevent blemishes.
  • Once in a week, apply clay mask that helps to tighten pores and refines them. Try to keep the skin clean without any over treating, as it will definitely help in process of refining by keeping pores clear of stale makeup, dirt, dead cell etc.
  • Follow your skin care regimen regularly and do not sleep without completing your daily program. The skin remains very active during sleep and does repair job and produces new cells at a fast pace that at the time we are awake. Do this with the help of having a breathing, clean skin at the night.
  • Try to use natural products every time. Coloring agents, artificial perfumes, synthetic chemicals and mineral oil should not be used at any cost as it will control your oily skin.

So, the above mentioned are the ways to control oily skin.

Lower Back Pain – Causes And Immediate Treatment!

Lower back pain is a type of common muscle disorder that affects around 80% of people all around of world at some point of time. This is most common reason of job related disability and second most affected is neurological disorder. It can vary from chronic, sub acute or acute in duration.

The lower back is an important structure of overlapping and interconnected elements:

  • Complex and small joints
  • Muscle tendon and other soft tissues
  • Nerve that goes from lower back to leg and feet and highly sensitive nerve roots
  • Spinal discs which have sticky central cores

The problem can also happen due to irritation in any of the above structure. Pain can be severe that affects lower back muscle spasm.


  • Mostly the lower back pain is referred to as non specific low back pain and does not have any proper reason.
  • Young adult between age of 30 to 60 experience back pain from a muscle strain or from the disc space or other strain in soft tissue
  • Women generally experience acute low back pain because of certain medical condition of the female reproductive system
  • Older adults above 60 suffer from pain related to joint degeneration

Follow Immediate Treatment

If lower back pain is accompanied with any of the following, seek your doctor’s advice immediately:

  • Fevers and chills
  • Unexplained recent weight loss
  • Severe continuous abdominal pain
  • Sudden bladder or bowel incontinence


People who suffer from lower back pain may experience any of the following:

  • Continuous sitting may make the condition more worse
  • It may become worse with lifting and bending
  • Walking or standing can worsen the pain
  • Pain may spread to outer hip area or buttock but does not go down the leg
  • Lead to weakness, tingling or numbness


When you will visit your doctor, he may ask questions related to health, symptoms and activities and will even ask you to perform a physical task. Your answers and outcome of the task help doctor to examine the reason behind pain. In severe case doctor may ask you to do several tests like MRI, CT Scan and X Ray.


Most of the time low back pain betters with basic first aid which includes resting for a day or two getting up and active as soon as possible. Walking is the simplest and the best exercise for lower back, it helps moving blood and your muscles to stay strong.

Lower back pain is a serious problem. It can be definitely be cured if taken proper rest and treated well.


Importance Of Turmeric In Life!

Use of turmeric is very important in our life. Since turmeric has several healing properties, its use is considered significant for skin and its related problems. From looking beautiful to treat acne and other scars the use of plain turmeric or mixed with other ingredients is known to do wonders. However, it is also said that use of turmeric or haldi is a boon for the skin of would-be bride and thus rejuvenate it.

Please find below some of the important uses of turmeric so that you can consider them if in case your body needs it.

  • Anti Aging Qualities 

Tip 1 

You can use turmeric to get it mixed with raw milk and tomato juice and rice powder. Mix it properly and keep it aside until it dries. After that, apply it on your face. You will see that lactic acid will help clear dead skin cells from your face and provide it rejuvenating effect.

Tip 2

Even to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines you can use turmeric powder and get it mixed with sugarcane juice. This will surely bring the situation in control.

Tip 3 

Easy to make and use turmeric-honey paste is considered to exfoliate skin and reduce pores.

  • Combat Acne 

Tip 1 

Very easy to make and apply on skin. You can use turmeric powder and get it mixed with a few drops of water and lemon juice. Then apply it on acne affected area and keep it for 15 minutes. After that, wash your face. You will surely love the change.

Tip 2 

Turmeric and sandalwood mixture is also considered good for acne removal from the skin. After 10 minutes, wash it off with running water.

Tip 3 

In case you are busy or there is a dearth of other ingredients then you can simply clear acne spots from face by applying turmeric and plain water pack. Keep it for 15 minutes. You will notice a change.

  • Stretch Marks

Tip 1 

In case of stretch marks, get used to this home remedy. It includes the major use of turmeric mixed with gram flour in yoghurt, water or raw milk. This will surely lighten their appearance.

  • Burns 

Tip 1 

For quick relief you can use turmeric because of its anti-septic properties and mix it with aloe vera gel. Within no time, you will see the burn scar is reduced.

So learn these tips and apply them so that you can get relief from many skin issues.

Pistachio – Various Nutrition Facts About Them!

Since ancient times, delicious pistachio nuts are symbol of robust health and wellness. These nuts are full of many nutrients that are health benefiting and are necessary for optimum health. This is a dry fruit and originates in West Asian region on mountain range. They grow well in dry, hot climates and cool winters. They are currently mainly in USA, Syria, Turkey and China. After planting, it takes nearly eight to ten years when it gives its first major group and keeps giving fruit for centuries. Every season the tree gives heavy bunch of fruits and just like grape bunch.

Health Benefits

  • Pistachios are tree nuts that are delicious and are known for their full nutrition principles. This together with almonds, cashew and walnuts are important source of fat, minerals and protein to arid and dry region of west, central and South Asian regions.
  • They are rich source of energy and are also rich in mono unsaturated fatty acids and is excellent antioxidants. Regular consumption of this lowers bad LDL cholesterol and increases good cholesterol level in the blood. It also prevents strokes and coronary artery disease.
  • There is high source of various Phyto chemical substances and help in overall antioxidant activity. This protects the body various diseases like cancer, diseases as well as infections.
  • Pistachios are excellent source of Vitamin E and are strong lipid soluble antioxidant which is important to manage integrity of skin and mucus membrane of cell membrane.
  • It contains many important vitamin B complex groups.
  • This is storehouse of various minerals like potassium, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and selenium. It is important nut in metabolism as well RBC(red blood cell) synthesis.
  • Pistachio nut oil carry pleasant, flavorful nutty aroma and is rich in emollient properties. It keeps skin dryness free and also helpful in cooking and as base oil in massage therapy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic industry and aromatherapy.

Selection And Storage

Pistachios are present in market all year around. In market, it is sold in various form like salted, shelled, unshelled, sweetened etc. Go for completely unshelled nut instead of shelled out one. They are mainly found in bulk bins and airtight packs.

Unshelled and raw pistachios can be stored in cool and dry place for few months. But shelled nuts should be kept in airtight container and stored in refrigerator to prevent them from turning rancid.


Sometimes allergy is caused due to this nut and people prone to this should take care while eating this. So keep this in mind.

Benefits Of Saffron (Kesar) – Do You Know Them!

Today in my write-up I am throwing some light on skin benefits of saffron or Kesar. Here I will try to cover up its uses on all skin types so that if your skin falls in any of the categories mentioned you can get some useful tips. However, I will also talk about other benefits of kesar for maximum gains. Here is the list below…

  • Saffron Is A Great Toner 

You may not know that saffron can tone up your skin. All you need to do is soak some saffron strands in rose water. Then apply it on your face after scrubbing. This will 100% help your facial skin to get improved texture and maintain its glow.

  • Saffron For Dull Skin 

If regretfully you have dull skin then you don’t have to feel bad about it. What you can really do is take 2-3 strands of saffron and add them to 1 tbsp of water. Keep them overnight and next day you will see the water color have changed to yellow. Further, you can add 2-3 drops of olive oil and one teaspoon of milk with a pinch of sugar to this water. At last, dip a pinch of bread to this saffron mixture and then apply it overall face. After 15 minutes, you can wash your face. Get ready to feel the soft touch of your skin. Besides, this will also help you reduce signs of aging and erase dark circles.

  • Saffron For Acne Prone Skin 

You can use some strands of saffron, infuse them with milk maximum for about 2 hours. In the next step you can apply this milk overall your face and neck. This will help improve your skin, its texture and clear acne. For maximum benefits, you can repeat this process at least 4 times a week.

  • Saffron For Dry Skin 

If a spoonful of saffron is mixed with a few drops of lemon juice and milk in equal amounts this will clean your skin from deep within. Don’t forget to wash after 20 minutes.

  • Enjoy Bathing With Saffron 

To lighten your complexion naturally you can sprinkle some strands of saffron in hot water tub. Give them 20 minutes to get soaked at least to use this water to bathing.

  • Other Benefits 

Two strands of saffron and malai or milk cream can be mixed together. Then massage your face for an ultimate glowing skin.

It is also said that if you drink saffron with milk this will improve your skin tone naturally.